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After losing 10 stone and completely transforming my physique, I am a personal trainer and life coach based in St Albans who assists others in achieving the fantastic results they always wanted.

Why should you train with me?

You will achieve your goals

You will achieve your goals

Research shows 75% of people who try getting in shape without any support fail. Being accountable to me makes success almost certain. It's not just about the weekly exercise sessions – it's the ongoing support you'll receive that's going to ensure you get where you want to be.

Get maximum results in minimum time

Get maximum results in minimum time

No time? No problem. My unique training style and nutritional advice will help tone every muscle and zap every ounce of unwanted fat without spending endless hours in the gym.

It will save you money

It will save you money

On average Brits spend £25,000 during the course of their life trying to get in shape. Training with me will ensure you bypass the wasted memberships, gimmicky supplements and terrible diet plans and receive sound advice that really works.

It will be fun

It will be fun

Whether it involves smashing seven bells out of a punch bag, playing your favourite music, pumping iron, being outdoors, playing a game or having lots of variety, each session will be enjoyable so you keep coming back for more.

I bridge the gap between personal trainers and normal people

I bridge the gap between personal trainers and normal people

I have not always been in shape. I know what it is like to struggle with healthy eating and exercising, but now have the experience and expertise to give you the best chance of success.


Personal Training



Whatever your goals, my customised exercise programmes will ensure you reach the desired outcome.

Groups (2-4 people)

Is the price of one-to-one personal training over your budget? Why not share the cost and train with friends and family for extra fun and motivation.

Nutritional Advice


When it comes to achieving your physical aspirations, exercise is only part of the equation. My bespoke nutritional advice will reveal the truth about what you should and shouldn't be eating.

GP Referral Programme

GP Referral

As a GP referral instructor, I am able to provide exercise programmes that can assist in the effective management of medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, COPD, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and different mental health conditions (low to moderate risk only).

Life Coaching


Do you find that no matter how hard you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you keep regressing back to your old ways time and time again? As a life coach, I can help you break through the psychological barriers to ensure you incorporate health and fitness into your life for the long term.

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Success Stories

  • Kevin Clay
    "After working with Mark for only a short time my weight reduced dramatically.... I will never be able to tell you how Mark changed my life for the better and without question would strongly advise anybody to contact Mark immediately as I believe he will change your life forever in a constructive, positive way."
    Kevin Clay
  • Karen Hayward
    "Mark's coaching has really helped me change the way I eat. I am no longer obsessing about food and just eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full."
    Karen Haywood
  • Emilio
    "The one word I would use to describe training with Mark is FUN! It is like training with a best friend you have known for years. His sessions are challenging but incredibly varied. I can't begin to tell you how much happier I am being 25kg lighter. It has completely changed my life and I would never have been able to do it if it wasn't for Mark's encouragement and expertise. Thank you!"
    Emilio Cano
  • Aryan
    "Working with Mark will change your life. He isn’t a typical PT who’ll train you in your hourly sessions and be done there. He really cares and goes above and beyond to work out different training sessions each time and takes the time to work over nutritional guidance that works for you. He’s helped me gain more confidence and be happy with myself in a way I haven’t been before. He’s a great PT and a great guy who’ll get you results and keep you smiling along the way"
    Aryan Khanna
  • Sally
    "I’ve been training with Mark for about 7 months and have lost 20 kilos. When I first started seeing Mark, I was suffering with hip pain and insomnia, as well as being overweight. Within a month, I was sleeping so much better. Mark tailored the sessions around my ability and goals and helped me with nutrition plans and food advice. I have never felt better. Mark has quite literally helped change my life. I feel better, look better, sleep better and most importantly, I’m healthier. Mark’s personality is what made this possible. He keeps sessions fun, challenging and varied, as well as being a genuinely nice guy. He is amazing to work with. Email him... It will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself"
    Sally Lewis
  • Hannah
    "Working with Mark has been absolutely amazing. He's got the perfect balance of being supportive & encouraging whilst still pushing you to work hard & improve. I've always quite enjoyed exercising but he's helped me to fall in love with weight training. His food plans are really easy to follow too and he takes into account what you like and what will work for you. On top of all of the above he's also just a really lovely bloke who I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a PT!"
    Hannah Watson


  • 'I achieved my goals when leading up to my wedding day, slimmed down, toned up and felt fantastic.' "From someone who really doesn't like exercising, I am happy to say I really enjoy training on a regular basis when being personally trained by Mark. I achieved my goals when leading up to my wedding day, slimmed down, toned up and felt fantastic in my dress, even my skin tone changed due to not only the regular high intensity exercise but nutritional knowledge received from Mark during our training sessions.

    His relaxed but motivational approach really worked for me, along with the huge variety of different exercises we did each and every session, this made them fun and far from boring.

    Above all, Mark is hugely inspirational, his personal journey is one to aspire to, who else would you want to train you than someone who has been there, done it and been through the same struggles. GO MARK!!!"

    Georgia Halls
  • 'Mark is great to work with - professional, focused and clearly passionate about the field of personal fitness.' "He listened and helped me set my objectives at the start and then created great customised workout sessions to ensure I met my goals by the end. The sessions were always different and dynamic and Mark was also well informed in providing ongoing nutritional advice which meant all angles of fitness were covered! Really good training – he is fun but also demanding and focused on pushing you when you need it. Would recommend him to any of my contacts".

    Diana Levin
  • 'I was very impressed with Mark's people skills, as well as his knowledge in personal training.' "I was enthusiastic to train with a coach who knew what struggles I face and who has the determination and the tools to succeed. His story is inspirational and his approach is a winning one. I highly recommend Mark Ludlow to anyone who is committed to making healthy decisions and achieving their long term goals for fitness. Mark will lead you to a happier, healthier you."

    Alessandra Graziano
  • 'Can't recommend the bloke highly enough.' "Mark was our trainer over the summer. For someone who is not the biggest fan of exercise, even I have to admit I enjoyed our sessions. He is personable and obviously loves what he does and it shows.

    My boyfriend and I had weekly training sessions with Mark in our local park. Mark made training fun and took great care in tailoring each session to make sure we got what we wanted. Always felt it the next day! Really nice guy and very good at what he does."

    Mat Paramor & Mel Gooden
  • 'I had Mark as my personal trainer for three months and I thought he was excellent' "He was consistent, reliable and his sessions were always fun and varied. He really took the time to listen to what I wanted to get out of the sessions and designed a programme that helped me achieve my goal of increasing all over muscle definition while still maintaining a lean physique. As a person, Mark is very friendly, down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I'd highly recommend him as a personal trainer and someone to do business with."

    Kaiser Malik
  • 'Mark has been an exceptional trainer.' "I met him 6 months ago after having my second baby. I had managed to lose 9kg of my excess baby weight myself but was keen to shift the remaining 4kg to get back to my original size. This was proving very challenging so I had high expectations about the training but also a lot of doubts about whether this was possible.

    He challenged me from day 1 but also adjusted the sessions according to my limits and was fair to me on those days when I really didn't feel like working out. Training was fun thanks to the variety of exercises.

    Thanks to seeing Mark just twice a week, I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight and couldn't be happier. I'm very grateful for his efforts and patience."

    Zeina Manara
  • 'I am really pleased to have been shown how to do the exercises on my own' "I started working with Mark during the summer with the intention of trying to get fitter and toning up especially my stomach area. I am always fairly stiff due to arthritis but my suppleness and flexibility increased really quickly. The workouts were really hard work to start with, but Mark has helped and encouraged to the extent that now the workouts are still hard work but feel so much easier.

    I've lost body fat, have some muscle definition in areas I didn't know I had muscles and my back strength feels really good. I feel energetic.

    I am really pleased to have been shown how to do the exercises on my own and Mark has helped with technique. I have a huge range of workouts and have downloaded a timer, so I'm all set to keep going.

    Thanks and well done Mark!"

    Geraldine Freear


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